We believe that every person is meant to have a happy and prosperous life, both here on earth and in heaven, and that God has placed in each of us sufficient potential and willpower to choose a good and eternal life. To prove this, God became man and showed in Jesus Christ that a life of freedom, peace and joy in the midst of a chaotic world is indeed possible.

Therefore, if you could use some extra help to achieve a relational, financial, emotional and/or physical breakthrough in your life, turn to the Source of all life, Jesus Christ. He is truly The Answer to all your questions. Jesus said of Himself: “I am the Light of this world, if you follow Me you will never walk in darkness again.”

We have discovered that this is not just a bold statement, but that it really works. That is why we like to work with all our volunteers to bring people into contact with God and help them to develop their potential as optimally as possible.

Our vision
Based on God’s Word, the Bible, we believe that in this time every city, language or nation will come to recognize that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Answer to every need and the Giver of real Life.

Our goals
In order to see the vision realized, the Harvest Ministries foundation has set the following goals:

  • Helping people around the world build a relationship with God so that they will be with Him forever
  • Helping people around the world to become disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Helping people around the world in their need by providing them with food, clothing, medication and finances
  • Helping people all over the world through… education and training to raise their living standards